Society Merchandise

2020 Commemorative Horse Brasses

Brasses for this year’s cancelled parade are available for purchase from the Secretary, £5 each plus £1.50 post and packaging.  To order please complete this order form (PDF) and send to the Parade Secretary with your payment.

Other Items

The following items are available to purchase.

Society Tie

Depicting the words “London Harness Horse Parade” in gold lettering within a gold horseshoe on a green, brown or blue fabric.
Cost: £5. each.

Centenary History Book “Parade”

by Keith Chivers.
Cost: £10.00.

Commemorative Horse Brasses

Going back to the year 1991 (specifc years are subject to availability)
Cost: £5. each

There is a £1.50 charge for post & packing for all orders

To order

To order any of these items print this Order Form (PDF file), and send it completed with your remittance to:

The Secretary,
Oakley Farm,
Surrey, RH1 3QN.